Staying Strong in Recovery from an Eating Disorder During the Holidays

I wanted to talk about something a bit more serious today. As much as I love movie and nail posts, writing about topics that can actually help people is much more near to my heart.

If some of you didn’t know, I used to suffer from Anorexia. It was really awful, and I remember during recovery and even in the depths of my disease The Holidays were so incredibly hard.

This season is centered around food, for someone suffering from an Eating Disorder, this can be a terrifying thing.

As part of recovery, I had to change my perspective on gathering to celebrate and eat. It was hard, so hard…and admittedly sometimes I still do struggle. But if I can tell you one thing, it’s that it got easier.

So here are some things that really helped me survive the holidays during my Eating Disorder & Recovery:

1. Adjust your perspective of gathering to eat,

Something that helped me immensely with this was Jefferson Bethke’s Book It’s Not What You Think, chapter 9, The Table’s Not What You Think. The chapter talks about how gathering to eat has always had a much deeper significance. Even back in Biblical times, eating together was a very special thing. Think of The Last Supper for example. Although this book isn’t designed to help people struggling with Eating Disorders, this chapter really helped change my perspective on getting together and eating. It’s about so much more than the food.

This whole book was amazing and I highly suggest reading it & checking the Bethkes’ YouTube Channel: Christianity Isn’t What You Think

2. Have An Accountability Buddy,

The second thing that helped me a great deal was having someone to keep you accountable.

It’s very easy to slide under the radar during the Holidays and not give yourself enough food. That’s why it is good to have an accountability partner.

Ask someone you trust to keep an eye on how much you’re eating and if you need to, even have them plate a proper amount of food for you.

My advice is to have this be someone like a friend or a parent and not someone who is also in Recovery.

3. Preparation is key, 

It is a good idea to discuss your worries about the upcoming Holiday and food situation with a counselor or someone that you trust.

This will help you come up with a plan and coping skills to make it through.

4. Avoid the temptation to isolate yourself,

It is very easy to want to crawl under a blanket during this season and not come out until the whole shabang of the holidays are over. I get it. However, that’s probably one of the worst things to do.

Don’t over exhaust yourself and go to every Holiday event there is, but make sure you spend time with friends and family.

It’s very easy not to eat when you’re alone, so make sure you are getting out there and being social. Even if it’s hard.

5. Celebrate the Victories, no matter how small, 

This is the time to give yourself some grace. It’s a hard season for people struggling, especially with something as brutal as an Eating Disorder. You just have to keep reminding yourself that you’re doing the best that you can. It’s okay to have hard days, even when everyone else around is so merry. It’s okay to struggle.

I just want to tell you that you can & you will beat this. It’s possible, it just takes hard work & persistence.

There is hope. Stay strong & always feel free to reach out to me for any help.


Ruby Marie

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