Long Overdue Update on Life // 05/18/16

Hey guys! I’ve been MIA and I apologize. Life has just been so good lately, and by good I mean the crazy-busy-fun-not a second to stop and breathe kinda good. A lot of exciting things have happened lately so here’s an update,


I got back from Mexico a little over a month ago and I just have to say, I miss it so much. It was a life changing experience, being in the Mexico dirt for a week, with wll distractions taken away: no cellphones, no trying to look good, no concerns except Jesus. It was a refresher. I learned so much, I grew so much, and I made relationships through Christ that I know will last a lifetime.


Yep, yep I do! Recently I got to meet my biological sister and her daughter. They were the sweetest and it was an absolutely crazy experience for me since I’ve never met anyone I’m actually related to! It has made me very excited about what the future has to hold with all my siblings and our relationships!

My sister & my niece! (Who happens to be older than me, lol)

SPRING HAS SPRUNG, Spring photography:

I wasn’t sure whether to include this part since it’s not really an important update more of just a fun one, but I decided to just go for it! Lol! So, it’s spring and that means it’s time for one of my favorite things: FLOWERS! More accurately, picking & taking pictures with flowers haha. Anyway, I have had the most fun doing little photo shoots involving pretty spring flowers lately.



(when they read this they’re prolly gonna kill me, but when they get married I’m taking their wedding photos here ;)…)


Lol….well that’s all for now! 

I am really hoping to become a more consistent blogger once school is over & it is summer so stay tuned!




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