Update On Life // 3/20/16

Happy first day of Spring and happy spring break! It is crazy to me that this could have been my last quarter actually having to wake up and drive to college! I will be doing it all online from now on since I am going to Mexico, which brings me to the next crazy thing I am feeling grateful for: Mexico! I cannot believe I am leaving this month! If you would like to support me in anyway, send me a letter or a message or come to the auction tonight5:45 at Maple Valley Presbyterian Church! All of the kind letters & support I have already received have meant the world to me & I am just feeling so thankful for all of you 🙂 Also, last update really quick- I was accepted to both Western and Grand Canyon University for next year, however I have decided that I will be most likely staying here! I am so blessed by the opportunities but I feel like God is calling me to stay in the valley. I have been really enjoying the opportunities I have been given here to serve with Younglife, Bible study, Church and just relationships lately, so I feel like I want to stay here for at least another year.

Hope to see you all at the auction tonight! 🙂



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